How The Killing Floor name happen at Dallas 1am.

Taken from The Killing Floor Yahoo Groups
in March 29, 2005

TheKilling Floor...

I was at a hotel somewhere between Dallas and San Antonio from a gig and I woke up and I shout it "The Killing Floor"and I still liked the way it sounded in the morning... So it's offical!!....lol

The way in came to me?? Maybe too much info...

I was taking a piss at Double Wide club's restroom in Dallas... And whola it hit me... The Killing Floor!! Well will see what it soundslike in the morning and yes I still Love the vibe and feel the nextday. So that's is it!! Yeah!... JCM (March 29, 2005)

What I was checking out was all the stickers all over the walls with different band names and one band name caught my eye... But it was not there name but there font. What came to mind was... If a name like The Killing Floor would look awesome there on the sticker instaed of that shitty death metal band name: Carcus of Death or something similar and that's really how it happen... Thanks to all of my friends and family for putting up with me for 2-3 months of enduring pain and entertaining all these stupid names I was coming up with during that time...lol

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