Where is the real news??? The little blue thingie!!

 Saw this on The ED Show FB via twitter. "What does she see when she's wearing these?" (Luke Russert via Twitter)

Really this is news!!!!
Well everyone is commenting on her craziness and old stupid shit news. Meanwhile this is going on!
This is disturbing when a company has this much power & influence. Educate your friends...share! Knowledge is power...the first step toward action.

    I went ahead and commented (what you see below) with hopes, through the expense of the blue little thingie on Michelle Bachman head would direct traffic where it really needs to be.

"Monsanto placed it there to distract you from Vermont. Its a suppository for pigs but they went ahead and told her place near her eye ball. Monsanto executive are placing bets on how long before it melts due to the hot air coming out of her mouth." 

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