Our thanks also to Jon Maxwell!

(The Killing Floor live @ Clicks in San Antonio; May 24, 2009)
One of the hardest working force for San Antonio's original music scene. Jon really loves everyone and can appreciate both spectrum of the cover band vs original band. Hell, I even deicated "Voodoo Child" to Jon... I played it mean and Louisiana swampy...lol

Sunday was no exception... Jon gave The Killing Floor a chance to perform with some of San Antonio's best HEAVY weights and for that we are grateful to him and the bands: The Heroine, Slurly, Destruction Evolution and Rewired... Their crowd and fans were very receptive and respectful towards us... We also want to thank THD Promotions and Clicks Billiards for that special night and what a great sound BTW!!!!

Peace, ~The Killing Floor

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