~Juan Carlos isn't the kind of person who vents... by Kelly

Carlos isn't the kind of person who vents like that, even though he has every f**king right (oops) and I'm glad he's not taking the sh*t he does. He has a very beautiful and important personal life as all of us, and it's good to stand up for yourself. Make sense? F**kers If you know him, he's driven. GOOD. But he's not PSYCHO like many of the people he mentions and have completely f**ked up. Don't put up with it Carlos...Be a DICK for once;) O wait, you already are, like I'd be his g/f, dear readers or biggest supporter of every musician you read about... by Kelly.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Current mood: pissy

Ok... here it is....

I don't dwell too much on the negative stuff, much
less on the past. Yes it does f**k me up for days, when its people that I loved and considered to be true friends end up screwing me. Im choosing not to curse here, who knows after I finish writing this.... But anyways... once its done.. its done...

I'll express this...

The act of slander or even tantrums because things don't go her way and then lashing
out of spite or malice is way F**king beyond me!! But what can I do... I'm just the tip of the iceberg to their bigger issues/problems and that makes them oblivious and blind to what my cause and focus is...

She can't take away my talent and I will not be in a pre-teen-pouting-match-mentality mode to an almost middle age woman. Trying to comprehend or entertain as to why they do the things they do. No more!! Her creditability just went out the f**king door because of what I witness Friday night...

I will move on and so will Jack... Jack and I are join at the hip and I love him as my brother, always have... always will... for life!!... I'm in debt to him.
Jack and I did scuffle it out but our wounds will heal, because we have NO VENOM towards each other...

I've brushed it off as
experience... Within time,
I will always forgive my enemies but I will never forget the meanness that always scars and blemishes. I know who to place near my heart and who stays
within arm distance like a venomous serpent.

My outlook in fights between loves one... take of leave it, i don't care...

As living beings with a soul, it is impossible not to
fight among each other... It's what you do after the smoke clears that
is the core of someone's love or hatred... Do you consider redemption
and peace or do I take the daggers of your wrath into my back. Remember, I'm speaking of conflicts among friends and not spy warfare among

I wish them the best and now they have each other with an extra eight hours a week with nothing in between to be claiming second too...

That F**KING BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A theme so poetically said... It's been deleted, so I have been told... ~ Juan Carlos


Kelly said...

This is all HISTORIC, in the lives of men and women.

They are very happy now, ecstatic ... at the expense of others.

That to me is sick.

Anonymous said...

Should a guy be Gary Shandlin, Andrew Dice Clay or something in between? That's up for debate. The Gary Shandlin's may have less drama (and fun) and the Andrew Dice Clay's may have more drama but attract more women. I guess you just gotta be real in how you feel, and don't pull a pinocchio and fake the funk. Anyway, here's a site that may be a bit off-topic but has something interesting to say about being a nice guy: