Gonzales, Texas!!

I just wanted to express my thanks to Ben from Electric Ocean and camp for giving us the oppertunity to share the stage with them. We made new friends and fans and what a treat to hear great music from Taylor Davis Band and Chicken Fist was just a blast to witness their performances. Gonzales, Texas was treated with a wide range of styles of music with a very high level of professioanlism from all four bands. I want to thank Roger, owner of Roger's at The Square and the people of Gozales, Texas for your support and love. All I can say is Ben you threw a massive show lineup like you always do and no left disappointed.

We have posted new pictures of the event and a bootleg video of "Hole In My Heart". Picture courtsey to the following: NiteVamp, Aries and Patricia Trevino. Bootleg Video thanks to NiteVamp.

Thank youagain, ~JCM

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