Peavey At NAMM 2007

What can I say about these Peavey Classic series amps... I have two tweed versions, my main "Blues Classic" with a "15 speaker and a "Classic w/ 4X10". These new one shown at NAMM have a revamped look and sound incredible. My Peavey Classics are all over the place in fact 90% of The Killing Floor CD were recorded using series. Peavey Classic are nothing but TONE MONSTERS worth trying out. Great clean channel and a roaring lead channel for crunch. PEAVEY RULES!!!!!

Orange County Choppers made a chopper for Peavey... Read the whole story on Peavey 's Magazine "Monitor" Summer/Fall 2007 Volume 24 issue 2. I took pictures of the bike which don't do any justice seen this work of art live and in person.

You can see the side pocket for your axe....

The vented neodymium is the back of a "Black Widow" speaker.... Very Cool!!! ~JCM

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kelyyz said...

Awesome pics sweetheart.