Don't restrict my rights for me to express the word SUCKS!!

Alright I couldn't post a response comment on a previous blog on perfect circle - tool whatever the fuck and it made me look like an asshole so I'll post here then...

The very rights and freedoms that chooses what you want hear I'm with you 110 percent... Fuck I'm an artist... I was merely expressing a feeling I felt at the very time I read the blog that was NOT directed to you or the readers here. I was just thinking out loud... So there's no need to get pissie. Defy the genius who is or is it purely subjective is OK with me because I really could care less what or who you think genius is... So with that being said listen to the music, long live the music... dance it, feel it and enjoy it loud... Just don't restrict my rights for me to express the word SUCKS because it merely an opinion and nothing personal. ~JCM

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