CD is mastered and the finale stages.

CD was finally mastered on July the second at Terra Nova Digital Audio in Austin, Texas with master specialist Jerry Tubb. Jerry Tubb has worked with countless of big name stars and we are so very pleased with the over all finish and mastered sound. Peter Carey, our engineer/co-producer, Miguel and I, were there to supervise and see on first hand Jerry talent and wisdom on our project. It was a wonderful and very educational experience being there at Terra Nova studios and witnessing the whole ordeal. Diane Tubb made us feel right at home. Also want to mention hanks to our bassit/executive producer Miguel Figueroa for making it happen for The Killing Floor and our fans. We did not cut any corners to make The Killing Floor's "La Danza Macabra" CD sound the best that it can sound. We are hoping for late July release. ~JCM

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