RE: S.R.V. Number 1 Replica Guitar Raffle package @ SRV Ride

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From: S.R.V. Ride & Concert
Date: Jun 22, 2007 5:14 AM

Please welcome our new sponsor Tim Davis, replicator of Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Number 1" guitar.


Tim Davis making 25 of these replicas for sale, and donating one Number 1 replica guitar to the SRV Ride & Concert to be raffled at the event!

Raffle Tickets $5.00 each, need not be present to win.
Raffle Tickets on sale at the event website

Raffle details at bottom of page.

"It's exactly like that old beat up thing I gave to Stevie - you can write down that I said it's just like Stevie's, and I don't care who asks because I said it, and if I said it, it's true!" - Ray Hennig on the "Three Years Ago Tomorrow, Hall Of Fame Guitar Artwork.

Tim Davis is creating only 25 of these amazing replica guitars for sale, please visit his website (www.srvnumber1.com) for more info about the package he is offering.


Also included with this prize will be a duplicated custom guitar strap made by professional leathersmith & musician, Christian Brooks. Christian made Stevie's guitar strap as seen here...

Each year Christian donates a guitar strap, among other items, to the charity so please add our proud supporter Christian Brooks to your friends. www.myspace.com/snookie2000


A replica SRV hat made by Texas Hatters (the same people that made Stevie's hats)

***From TexasHatters.com
This is Stevie Ray Vaughan's classic black "bolero" hat. Just about every hat we made him was this style, sometimes a different color or colors, but the same basic style. The crown is 4 inches creased and the brim is 4 inches with a 9 ligne gros grain ribbon binding. The band that comes with it is the black satin pugaree. ********!!!THE BLACK SATIN BANDS ARE IN!!!******** Other bands like the ones he wore are available for and additional charge.

Texas Hatters
911 S. Commerce St
Lockhart, Texas 78644


Last but not least, the winner will also receive an autographed copy of Cutter Brandenburg's 600-page autobiography of his life with Stevie Ray and many other artists.

For more info visit www.mrceecutter.com and add him as your friend at myspace.com/mrceecutter

Cutter Brandenburg's comments about Tim Davis' Number 1 replica

Yall I feel that every so often different people approach me with different ideas and concepts. Some good, some bad, some have been tried before and some should never have been tried.

Tim Davis is a young artist, creator, carpenter and devoted fan of Stevie is in the process of reproducing Stevie's beloved Number 1, his 1st wife with as much detail and love and passion as I have seen. Now, I’m not here to knock anyone or any company that in the past has taken their turn at this project. I can only say:

1. I have held and strung and cleaned Stevie's Number 1 countless times.

2. I have held and seen close up the replica of Stevie's Number 1 that was recently done in the last few years by Fender. She just was missin somethin. It wasn't measurements or scale. Painting cannot replace years of wear. Passion and love of the replica just was not built into those guitars, in my most humble opinion only.

3. I have held, seen and felt the love and passion that Tim Davis has put into his replication of Stevie's beloved Number 1 / 1st Wife. It is very eerie. It feels right and looks right and more important, it is not painted to achieve the look, it is worn down by a master carpenter to come as close as one EVER will to the real deal.

With all that being said may I say one mo thang. Tim Davis is such a real and sincere man that I know Stevie himself would say Wow! Somethin about this feels so right in every way. I hope all that would like to own such an article of beautiful love, take advantage of this ASAP. There will only be 25 and to those lucky few, they will feel somthin very special in their hands.

I have been called many things and said some pretty outlandish thangs in my day. I feel with this it speaks really for it self. Nuff said I’m thinkin.

Cee / Cutter

Check it out now on
Do not wait, Do not be late.

Raffle Tickets on sale at the event website: www.srvrideandconcert.org


2007 Stevie Ray Vaughan #1 Guitar Replica Raffle "Package" Ticket. $5.00 each. No limit to number of tickets purchased. Odds of winning depend on the number of tickets sold. Drawing will take place at the 13th Annual Stevie Ray Vaughan Remembrance Ride and Concert on October 7, 2007 at The Palladium Ballroom 1135 South Lamar Dallas, TX 75215. Need not be present to win. Cash value of replica guitar is $15,000. The "Package" includes (but is not limited to):
1. Replica Guitar Strap by Christian Brooks
2. Replica Hat by Texas Hatters
3. "You Can't Stop A Comet" by Cutter Brandenburg
If winner is not present at the drawing, he/she will be contacted by phone and/or email. Winner has 30 (thirty) days to claim prize. Winner is responsible for shipment of the guitar, and all shipping costs associated. Replica guitar is created and donated by Tim Davis, www.srvnumber1.com
Volunteers, sponsors, vendors, staff and family of the above associated with S.R.V. Remembrance Ride, Inc are not eligible to win.

S.R.V. Remembrance Ride, Inc. is 501 (c) (3) non-profit company

All event proceeds benefit the Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial Scholarship Fund


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