How 'bout cuttin heads?

While everybody body was learning how to play Van Halen's "Eruption" or Malmsteen's "Black Star". I was busy on learning Steve Vai's "Head Cutting Duel" and trying to grasp the idea on how to play all over the guitar neck recklessly without a single bad note. And I don't mean playing note per note. Anybody with enough time and practice can learn a whole solo/song note per note. The magic mojo is realizing and visualizing in your mind on how and what it took to create. That's the Holy Grail or palette I was seeking and still adding colors to this very day. In short I wanted to learn how Steve Vai did it, that way I would do it my way with my own stamp on it...

I remember reading that Steve Vai did write out some parts and the rest was just improvised. Don't really know or care... All I know that it was a very important master piece of music right after I saw the movie. Thanks to my Dad and Mom for putting up with me those years of 1986-87. I was driving them nuts from then on and begging for an electric guitar and amp. My Classical guitar and studies were shelved and on the back burner and they weren't too happy about that. Never mind the loudness of an amped electric guitar at full volume and me jumping from furniture to furniture doing arm swings and sticking out my tongue like Gene Simmons... lol ~JCM

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