My two Washburn D10CEQSB acoustic guitars and my farewells...

My two Washburn Acoustics D10CE... They way to tell them apart from photos. Look at the background cloths and notice there are different. Pictures were taken at a different times. About six months or more time span.

The very first one I owned

(Beautiful Mahogany backs is what makes these model popular)

(At the bottom one is my number two)

(Well You can tell them apart. Number 2 had a couple of nick/scares at the back of the neck)

I had two identical D10s Washburn... One I sold last year and my last one this past week. I was a little sad about it... I wrote "What I Dream To Do" and "Day By Day" on those guitars... Monday before I packed my last one to ship away. I played for about thirty minutes and I had to stop before I changed my mind and claim to reject sale... I had'em for about four years and I never recorded with them or than home demos. Farewell to them I know they went to a good home. the pictures were used for the actual sale.

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