"SAVVY" (2006 MS Mix)

I don't know the release date of the new Killing Floor CD but for the mean time here's a mastered version of "SAVVY". We gone through some personal change and some personal issues is what keeping us from releasing it.

Here's the story again what phases mean... I really don't mind explaining it and it's really for me to keep track anyways.

I was given three CDs phases mixes of the whole 11 song CD and phase one being the not so close to what I want and phase 3 being the closes mix to be finalized. There's is one more EQ-ing and tweaking CD that will be phase 4 but that will be afterwards and I don't have that one yet. Sooooo....Anyways here's phase one mix n' mastered of "Savvy". I figured once it's mastered by a pro the whole CD and these four songs on MySpace will sound very sonically different from the finale mix n' mastered version. So that's why I mention these versions as for MySpace only. Soo here it is "SAVVY (P1)" Enjoy! ~JCM


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Don't you wish:) Selma Hayek would be proud!