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I've receive lots of great feedback on the 5th track on the Labor Of Love CD: "...And The Vampires Made Love". People have express that it's very erotic, full of darkness, moody and it takes them to other places. I never intended to release this track but now looking back I'm glad that I did.

The birth date:
I needed background Halloween music for passing out candy the year of 2003. It was too late for me to go to the store and look for a Halloween theme songs, sounds and effects CD. Time did ran out and to hell with it... I just have to create my own Halloween music. So around 4:00pm on Halloween day I got into this mood and envision a theme and came up with three minor chord progression E-G and A. I didn't have the time but it did cross my mind adding a drum machine with a slow tempo stead beat. Well that didn't happened and the continuous three chords played like a movie in my head and when the tape ran out I had an idea and a visual of vampires. Vampires played and painted the whole vision and picture and when it was all recorded and done I titled it right there and then to remind me of the Vampire recording track experience which I titled "...And The Vampires Made Love".

The Recording:
This instrumental was written on Halloween of 2003 and done in two takes. One shot take on the left channel track using a Takamine nylon classical acoustic guitar. One shot take on the right channel track using an electric Fernandes strat style guitar. What I mean by one shot takes is that I didn't go back and re-record my parts due to mistakes or anything...It was done in one pass for both parts and the only over-dubs here was me playing the single lead guitar lines against my acoustic recorded guitar chords.

Recorded on a Tascam 484 four track cassette recorder with no effects. I recorded the acoustic guitar first until the cassette tape ran out for about 11 minutes and change. Then I just improvised on all over the place with the electric guitar using the same method of time. There's no editing, cleaning up or cut an paste anywhere so you'll hear some mistakes. But that's ok because it gives the track character and honesty. I've rarely ever use my Fernandes strat that is why you'll hear some crackling output jack noise and further into the song you'll also hear a missed note. Yeah I lost my place trying to look over how much time I had to play...Booo and big deal!! This hardest part of this song was to keep up and play those three chords non-stop and keep time for 11 minutes. Man... My left hand was killing me...lol

The Feel:
I made it a point not to over play too much with flash because I felt it would take away the love making mood... Instead I was searching for a feel, an emotion with a coldness without any heat. But a darkness filled with love, passion with evil.

This was the cheapest and fastest recorded project I've ever done and it goes to show sometimes you don't really need a million dollar studio to capture something special. It was just a magical night on Halloween 2003 and I'm glad it's was captured on tape...

The Story and Vision:
Candles, stained blood stain sheets, moon light shining in through the banging noise of French doors opening, closing and as curtains dance like fairies with the howling, blowing winds. Blood is scattered and lifeless bodies laying everywhere are tattered and torn. What once filled the hall with laughter and music is now taken over by the sounds of falling drops of liquid blood dripping and pouring into wine glasses. The lover vampires would feast and drink as they looked into each other eyes. Bounded and ever so madly in love for eternity... And The Vampires Made Love through the night in a ever so foggy and cold Octobere night.
One can say that love is only a God given gift and evil takes no part of it... or maybe this evil here is a survival state that still needs to be loved, held and cherish. Enjoy! ~JCM

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