The new and the old "Streets" song.

The song "Streets" was composed in 2002. I kept it and didn't throw away like many other hundreds of poems, music and lyrics I've written before over a 10 year span. It was a great feelin' in a sense that I finally got it. I wasn't ashamed of showing and expressing my creation, to the band, family and friends, that came from my heart, mind and soul.
It was written in Corpse Christi, TX and inspiration came from just watching the TV - 10:00 O-clock night news. See and hearing all the crimes, hate, and how fast our daily lives have become.

The version of "Streets" right now on Myspace was done very fast and the vocals are indeed scratch vocals that were suppose to be redone on a later time. That's why I cringe everytime I hear it because I could have been so much better... or maybe not because all those tracks you hear for the exception of "Vampires Made Love" were done in 2003. When the band was only three months old and no gigs under The Killing Floor name. Now three/four years and almost 100 gigs later I think we have a better idea and more of a in command sound to all of our songs...

The "Streets '06" will have a heavier sound but not in a D-tuned way either. Here's what I mean... I used a Yamaha AES 520D6 baritone guitar and a Peavey 5150 combo for that heaviness and plus a Dillion flying-V and a Yamaha AES620 SH. So there's three rhythms tracks on "Streets" just to give you an idea. No twangy bluesy strats tones on "Streets"...lol JCM

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