The Killing Floor will be in the Studio Feb. 10-12, 2006

Alright here's what's going on... NEW CD In MARCH!! The Killing Floor will be in the studio Feb. 10-12... It will be about 20 hours in three days maybe even more days added... I will make it a point not to be an all out strat guitar recorded CD. It will have different textures, tones and sounds...

I'm taking everything but the kitchen sink and I'm going to ask if I could spend the night also and might not even shower for those three days too....lol


Peavey Classic 50 and Peavey Blues Classic with a fithteen inch speaker, Peavey 5150 combo, a Yamaha DG 60, and a Yamaha DG 100 with 2-12 celestion green backs. I also will be cheating and using a Line 6 POD 2.0 version. I will also have access to Fender amps, maybe even Marshalls and will use those as well.

My guitars that will be used:

Strats sounds:

G&L's, Fenders, one Italia, and one Burns.

Telecaster:A USA made blue one that I haven't given a female name yet...

Heavy dual humbucker Les Paul sounds:

2 Yamaha AES

Two baritones guitars: Yamaha AES and OLP..

Other guitars:

Epiphone E335 dot, and a Yamaha E335 style with three soap bar pickups, Jerry Jones Sitar, Ibanez RT 12 string, Yamaha Dave Navarro Signature Acoutsic, a Yamaha Compass 12 string acoutsic.


Just whatever I'm using now on my pedal board: Dunlop Crybabe and my Yamaha Magic Stomp for texture like flange, chorus and other wierd sounds.

Again here's the order of the setlist... All the ten songs are original TKF tunes except for the extras last two... Which are Hendrix cover tunes...

3.Mary Jane
4.What I dream to do
5.Day By Day
6.There's Hole In My Heart
7.It's Not Me
9.Satan's Alley
10.Down, Down on Me

11.Earth Blues
12.Manic Depression

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