December Stats: Top 5 Jukebox

(Da Man Bass for TKF: David Garza)

Taken from SA ROCKS Blogg: Saturday, December 31, 2005

December Stats

Well, as December (and 2005) closes, here's a look at how things went in December on SA Rocks. This month was up about 1,000 hits from November. December saw around 8,500-8,800 hits. Somewhere around 5,000 people visited the site, and it looks like we're up to about 1,500 regular visitors. So we're definitely moving forward and I can't wait to see what happens in 2006! Ok, the fun stuff. For some reason I'm not getting stats on the last 6 days of December when it comes to the jukebox plays, but from the rest of the month, here are the Top 5's:

Top 5 Songs by Hits:

1. El Sancho "Mota-vation"
2. The Killing Floor "Voodoo Chile" (cover)
3. Skunkweed "Wasted"
4. Amplifyd "Sun and Moon"
5. Structure "Like I Should"

Top 5 Songs by Kilobytes:

1. The Killing Floor "Voodoo Chile" (cover)
2. 21BLACK - "Take Some Time" (cover)
3. El Sancho "Mota-vation"
4. Amplifyd "Sun and Moon"
5. Skunkweed "Wasted"

Close contenders:
Monkey Blood and Sexto Sol

And the top outside links clicked on in December: Top 5 Band Links:

1. Spastic Ink
2. Failsafe
3. Rok Candy
4. Chris Boss
5. Jawbreaker

Top 5 Club Links:

1. Q Bar
2. Atomix
3. Babcock Bar
4. Hooligan's
5. Rock City Bar

I hope SA Rocks has helped bands and clubs in 2005 in getting people out to hear all the great local music. Any comments on how/if we've helped you would be great to hear! Hope to do some new and fun things in 2006...SA Rocks parties for one thing. And I really am working on getting some CD reviews up there! Been busy, busy, busy!

Happy New Year!!
Thanks to everybody for everything!!
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