November Update: Top 5 Songs on the Jukebox.

(Percussion and harmony vocals for TKF: Larry Rimes)

November Update: Top 5 Songs and more

The month of November showed a sharp increase in the number of people visiting the SA Rocks blog. Number of hits jumped from somewhere around 4,000 for October to somewhere between 7,000 and 8,000 (depending on which stats I look at...go figure).

Top 5 Songs on the Jukebox for November:By Hits:

1. Amplifyd "Sun and Moon"
2. El Sancho "Mota-vation"
3. Skunkweed "Wasted"
4. 21BLACK "Take Some Time" (cover)
5. Sexto Sol "Chicken Foot Boogaloo"

By Kilobytes:

1. 21BLACK "Take Some Time" (cover)
2. The Killing Floor "Voodoo Chile" (cover)
3. El Sancho "Mota-vation"
4. Sexto Sol "Chicken Foot Boogaloo"
5. Skunkweed "Wasted"
Close contenders: The Panic Division and Desdemona

A couple other top 5 lists: Top 5 Band Links Clicked On:

1. Chris Lopez
2. Jawbreaker
3. Deja Vu
4. Preying Mantis
5. Chris Boss

Top 5 Club Links Clicked On:

1. The Sanctuary
2. Rock City Bar
3. Q Bar
4. Atomix
5. Madison Avenue

Last but most definitely not least, I would like to thank everyone for their help, support and cooperation this month. Sponsors The Killing Floor, Rok Candy and SpitFire and brand new sponsors 21BLACK and Chris Boss. You guys rock!!Thanks to Anthony Castilla of SpitFire for contributing to SA Rocks with his new guitar section, "The Guitar Zone" - and for the awesome interview with Ron Jarzombek. Thanks to Alfonso and Darren for the great Edge Magazine CD Compilation Release party reviews.And special thanks to Chris at Sunset Station! And to Steve of Alter Ego and The Edge Magazine for doing an interview with me for the December issue of The Edge (check it out)!And of course Kel and Staci for constant help and support. And everybody else...you all rock!!

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