People always ask me... Where you get that sound...

All right here's my pedal board and effects are chained as follows:
Line 6 DM distortion /> Dunlop Cry baby /> Yamaha Magic Stomp /> Yamaha UD Stomp. It might seem that I use a lot, but it' s all bells and whistles here... The only thing that I do usually have on 85% of the time is the "Small Comp" preset on my Magic Stomp... I use delays, backward delays and swells for certain songs or moods. I don't really used any choruses even though I do like'em... I will upgrade to a Magic Stomp II and I will bring back my Line 6 Delay modeler for 2006. The Line 6 DM, the yellow distortion pedal, has a cool univibe and fuzz... I don't rely on a distortion pedals for my main distortion sound I used the amp for that all natural tube overdrive distortion... I only use the distortion pedal for boot or added over-the-top fuzz. It's pretty simple and I always try to use "true bypass" pedals so my sound don't get any added color single to my sound... Now the Magic Stomp does add some color, when in bypass mode, that actually sounds very good so I guess it does have it's magic. I will review and give as much insight on the Yamaha Magic Stomp and II. It's the best natural sounding, most versatile and the possibilities are endless and it's soo freaking inexpensive too.

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