The No Such Thing As A Perfect World...

I went through my fair share of lead singers. I just got tired of trying to explain or make' em envision what music is or what was in my head... After a year and half I found myself that my lead singer couldn't go any further because she couldn't comprehend what... Finesse, improvise, envisions, passion, and authority of ones artistic ability is... What really broke the straw for me was the ugly music business interactions that was not very professional to say the least. Whoring oneself to stay booked or to be appreciate didn't fly very well... The last two female singers that I work with, trust me this is not sexist thing because I've worked for lazy males motherf**kers too, was all about a fantasy or a portrait of something they will never be... My theory is: If you can dream it you can become it... But it takes work, and not just hard work... You have to eat it, shit it, sleep with it, get angry with it -- It just takes everything you have... I'm talking about a focus and a vision that will stop at nothing to achieve it... nothing... This goes for everything in life... Now - I'm not coming down on singers male or female. I just expressing my experiences and trust me I'm not one to judge. Everyone's different in mindset and in habits and that's the beauty in life... Trial and error for there's no such thing as a perfect world. JCM

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