October 15 details from JCM

On October the 15th I'm planning on having Jack and Jacob doing the
drum duties at the same time for that night... I will need to get with
Garbage and work out the mic situation... It's a first for TKF and we
will start to rehearse Tuesday and plan out this DRUM EXTRAVAGANZA
feature for the October...

Double Clutch will open up w/yours truly (me) on a 12 string bass and
Vatos Locos from Houston right afterwards... I just got an email from
the Vatos Locos camp and they are pumped and ready. They seemed like a
great bunch of guys to hang out with also... Some of the members of
Amplifyd will also join in on a jam and Spider Mike and I will be
performing and dueling it out on guitar also... It will be a night to
experience as always... JCM

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Anonymous said...

I've had ABACAB stuck in my head ever since I learned TKF was doing a duo drum set!! Yip!