BIG gig for TKF - Rock City Bar at 115 General Krueger

The Killing Floor, who have been on a short haitus after replacing their bassist with Matt Wicks (stepping up to the plate like the pro that he is), and following TKF's drummer Jack Trevino's Carpel Tunnel surgery/recovery.

Sat., September 10th will bring everyone back together for a show at ROCK CITY BAR, with a 2nd band, Amplified; both bands compliment each other so very well, making for an unforgettable show...(It will be very cool to have a 2-band slot at the club, rather than 4!)

The band is celebrating, as well they should; Mr. Trevino is healing so well that he'll be gracing us with a couple of songs, with Martin taking good care of the skins in the interium.

Showtime is 9:30pm, and we would love to see our extended-family and fans on this most special gig.



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