Update from The Trevinos

Hello everyone,

Both Jack and I would like to thank everyone for all of the prayers regarding Jack's surgery. Jack is doing much better today; and we are grateful to Dr. Boone for the wonderful job that he did on Jack's wrist. Jack is following the orders that the doctor has given him, and he is wearing his brace. We will be seeing Dr. Boone this week to have the insicion checked and we will keep everyone informed.

Again; Jack, Christina, AJ, and myself wish to thank everyone for the prayers. Jack says, "WALK IN BEAUTY, PEACE LOVE." "WALK THE BEAUTY WAY" and "OUCH MY WRISTS HURTS. CAN I PLEASE HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL TO CARRY MY THOUGHTS AWAY."

Jack is definitely crusing at 45,000 feet and soaring.

Jack would like to send special thanks to his good friend RYAN SHOOK for the use of his GP kit at the BOOZEHOUND show.

And last but not least, Jack would like to thank Martin(the replacement drumma). We both appreciate the love that you are giving to fill in for Jack while the healing sets in. We will be at the show on September 10 at ROCK CITY BAR. Please Larry, DO NOT BRING JACK'S STICKS. HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE. (Jack is trying to figure out how to play with his left hand. We cannot let this happen.)

Take care and I will fill everyone in on Jack's healing.

Pat and Jack

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