Taco Land Benefit Photos

San Antonio Express News:

In the aftermath of the June 24 shootings at Taco Land, there were hopes and prayers that bartender Denise "Sunshine" Koger and doorman "Gypsy" Doug Morgan would survive the attack that claimed the life of Ram Ayala, the storied owner of the storied place.

Musicians and fans sprang into action to put together benefits to pay tribute to Ram while raising money for Koger and Morgan. Sam's Burger Joint, up the street from Taco Land, had an opening July 30 and immediately that date was pegged for a Taco Land fundraiser.

Morgan died July 13; Koger is recovering. But the mourning continues and it's likely there'll be more good stories and more good will Saturday at Sam's when a bunch of artists, including Bone Machine, Satantonio, Double Clutch, Prepare to Defend It, Racing for Last, Claude "Butch" Morgan & H!X and Eric Geyer team to remember Ram and
Doug and continue to send get-well wishes and give a monetary assist to Sunshine.

Display, Satantonio, Jimmy Spacek and HiX, Double Clutch, HiX

It should be noted that now, after 37 days, candles are still alight on the front porch of Taco Land...we placed ours just last week. Knowing how much this touched us all, I have a feeling it will remain the same until the bldg. is destroyed.


Rowan said...

Great pics! Wish I could have gone!

kelyyz said...

Thanks, surprised the camera still works at all..

Rowan said...

yeah, especially since I picked it out of a puddle of beer last week at BoozeHounds!

kelyyz said...

innocent look...